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SAS All Clean with its innovative product, CCR BOX fitted on the drain , provides the solution against odors and undesired bugs and insects.

– The CCR Box not only obstructs cockroaches, rodents and insects from intruding but also from entering the building.
– It eliminates odors which drains give off

Its unique design as well as the accurate fitting on the drain , along with its durable constructive material , secure….

– An air tight fit and excellent productivity.
– It is backed with a 2 year quarantee upon installation

The CCR Box is designed in such a manner that with the first flow of water , the plate lids closes tightly and returns to its original position immediately after the water pressure stops.

Product Description


The CCR Box is ideal for both home and business purposes. The CCR Box from SAS All Clean constitutes a unique maintenance product to guarantee hygiene in homes , restaurants , hotels , office buildings , hospitals , school etc. In areas where high standards of hygiene and safety are important , necessary and demanded, the installation of the CCR BOX is thus the only choice in order to continue the smooth provision of services, the reputation , the credibility and health and safety towards the public. In corporate facilities, our network of partners guarantee excellent installation of the product and a 2 year quarantee upon its fitting. For household use, the assistance of a plumber for its installation is required on the sewage drain. A 2 year quarantee is also given upon its installation. The CCR Box is designed in such a way that the plate lid tightly shuts after the first flow of water and returns to its original position when the water pressure stops .

Technical Characteristics

For pipes F100 -3A- 5A- 6A
Placed in the interior of the sewage drain

Product Certification

The product is made of quality materials with chemical properties for strong resistance
to chemicals, fungi, mold and corrosion .

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2 reviews for CCR Box
  • Rated 5 out of 5

    “ Our flat is located on the second floor of an apartment building surrounded by green. The appearance of cockroaches is not only a daily phenomenon but a real nightmare. After having used
    the CCR BOX by SAS ALL CLEAN recommended by our plumber who i had called to ask for a solution to my problem. From the day we installed it, not only did we not see unwelcomed pests but unpleasant odors also stopped from the drains which positively surprised us. Most importantly, of course has to be the cost which is much less in relation to the purchasing of repellant sprays against the unwanted creatures.”

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    “ Our customers are our toughest critics. Our responsibility and priority is to serve at the highest possible standards which will make their stay with us a unique and special experience. Since it is the small details which make the difference, the installation of the CCR BOX secures our outstanding image.”

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Quick and easy installation without breaking or altering sewage drain. Can be installed on the smallest drainage well 20 cm x 20 to larger ones. For every installation , SAS provides the users manual to its customers as well as a contact number for technical support +30 22410 85985

Product Features


The CCR Box blocks insects and cockroaches from entering the building via drains and pipes which are connected to the structure.
No longer will bugs appear in the bathrooms and kitchens. No longer will there be a need for harmful strays. No longer will there be unpleasant odors coming from the drains since the CCR Box is designed to tightly close keeping them away.